Large enough for stand-alone use before a large audience


Ken says that he's a Golden Retriever but we think he is more likely a Golden Loser. He trained for years to be a Seeing Eye Dog and then was fired when he lost his first client (in the park, he thinks). He then went to work for the Municipal Utility District as a gas leak detector in the city sewer system but was terminated after getting lost the first day (because it's hard to see a map down there). He's currently doing much better at the Motorcycle Shop Botique where he greets customers while modeling the latest in motorcycle wear. Kennelworth Hound stands 28 inches tall and has an arm rod that can be attached to either hand.




We’d like you to meet... “HI. I’M HEIDI. THEY CALL ME HOLLERING HEIDI BECAUSE I SPEAK CLEARLY AND LOUDLY.” Ahem... excuse us. We were trying to introduce...” I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. i CAN SEE. YOU’RE TALKING TO THEM. WHO ARE THEY?” They are customers. Heidi, would you please not shout so loudly? “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SHOUT QUIETLY. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SHOUT QUIETLY? IF YOU DO PLEASE TELL ME.” I think we know why your brother, Brian, doesn’t talk much. He can’t get a word in edgewise.




Our Hillbilly Full-body Puppet is 28 inches tall and has an arm rod that can be attached to either hand. Stereotypical characteristics of hillbillies as portrayed in popular media, are that they:

  • smoke a corncob pipe
  • are often moonshiners with an (illegal) still on their property
  • often drink from traditional moonshine clay jugs marked "XXX"
  • often wear a worn out floppy hat
  • own a shotgun.
  • often fight each other along family lines. This is known as a "feud."
  • are often barefoot
  • have poor personal and dental hygiene (sometimes portrayed with few or no teeth at all).
  • are not motivated by money or attempt in any way to improve their social status in comparison to the outside world.
  • are poorly educated
  • engage in inbreeding
  • drive vintage Ford and Chevrolet (occasionally Dodge) pick-up trucks, for lack of a newer vehicle
  • wear overalls with a broken strap, with no shirt underneath
  • the men often have long, scraggly, and unkempt beards



This is Giggles the Clown, son of Flippy Flopso and Titters (both famous clowns in their own right).  Born Giggles Flopso, he felt early on that his destiny would be in the field of entertainment. He started a band with the local carnival kids but gave that up to try his hand at hosting a talk show on his school’s TV station. After that he tried singing, song writing and then acting in the TV sitcom ‘All My Clowns.’ It wasn’t until the traveling circus came to town and he tripped while getting to his seat setting off the fire extinguisher... and the audience howled with laughter, that Giggles discovered his true vocation.





"And a hearty hi ho to ye... I do be speakin' to Puppet Lubbers do I not? No matter here, me laddies... ye've never met the like o' yours truly. View my strong face, rounded  tho' it is by years of sand an' wind. At 28 inches, I tower over ye land swabs an' while I can't cut ye down with me detachable arm rod, I surely can poke ye with it and be very annoying! They call me Swabby Shortsilver, not because o’ me sword, but because o’ me always bein’ out o’ cash.




Wendall Wizard, seen here trying to keep his cone-shaped hat on his cantaloup-shaped head, is doing his best to promote the welfare of wizards the world over. It seems that in this day and age, not too many people still believe in wizards or sorcerers. Science, they say, not magic, is the way of the world today. Wendall is a computer technician at Lackheed Missle Corp. and aims to change all that. Ever since he learned that his great grandfather (six times removed on his mother’s side of the family) was a wizard, Wendall traded in his suit and tie for the impressive costume you see him in.




Even when he was a little bunny, Stew thought he was the unluckiest rabbit alive. After all, he reasoned, if he were really lucky, he wouldn't have been born a rabbit at all. He'd have been a hippopotamus or something neat like that. To improve his luck, he started wearing a "lucky" horseshoe tied on a string around his neck. Of course, when he went swimming, he sank right to the bottom like an anchor. He claims that the fact he's still alive is proof that the horseshoe works. Stew has an arm rod that can be attached to either hand.




Ah... its’ young Doctor Donald Dogood, pronounced ‘do-good’ not ‘dog-ood’ as kids used to tease him with back in medical kindergarten.  Donald is younger than most of the staff at Saint Pinocchio’s Hospital. When asked about his unusual room-to-room visiting technique, his response is “They don’t have any rules about not skateboarding in the halls here, so why not?” He also plays little funny tricks on the other staff members to amuse his patients. “Laughter is the best medicine,” he says, but old Doctor Crankoff was not amused by the super glue on his stethoscope. Dr. Dogood is 28 inches tall and comes with a detachable arm rod.



Nurse Penny has mastered the achievement of giving painless injections. She makes a funny quip and while you are laughing she sticks you with the needle. If you are a sourpuss and not inclined to giggle when visiting the doctor, Nurse Penny keeps what she calls ‘Whiffle Dust’ (talcum) in her pocket. If you frown at her quip, she reaches in her pocket and shakes some dust at you. Then while you are sneezing, she sticks you with the needle.  We recommend the laughing process over the sneezing one. In fact, we start laughing the moment we see her. Nurse Penny is 28 inches tall and comes with a detachable arm rod.




Police Cadet Danny Corageous always hoped to be a policeman some day. Perhaps it was his last name that spurred him on, or the encouragement of his Mom and Dad. With that name, of course, he always figured that bravery would play a big role in his career. And it all came true!  Last month Danny saved a person from drowning in the river and next week Danny get promoted and becomes a full Policeman. What’s his secret to success? “Treat every living being as you would have them treat you!”




Meet Grandma Eureka Bissell D.B.R.C.O.W. (Dust Bunny Removing Champion of the World). In her younger days she was known for her ability to operate three vacuum cleaners at one time using both hands and her teeth. Now that she’s a grandmother, she goes a bit easier on herself and perfers to ride around the house on her John Deere 346 Custom Vacuum. Don’t expect to be able to reach her by phone... not since she paused to take that call and vacuumed a whole right through the carpet and into the subflooring.




This is charming Prince Fullup, eldest son of King Valdez and next in line for the throne of the Kingdom of Oilonya.  Unfortunately, this destiny couldn’t be more uninteresting to the young Prince. His real goal in life is to be an iPod salesman in America. “Can you believe all the free tunes I could have, man?” All attempts to get Prince Fullup interested in local Oilonya politics have failed. “Like do you know how far I’d have to go for batteries if I stay here, dude?”




This is Her Royal Highness, The Beautiful Princess Gazebo. The first thing on your mind upon meeting Her Highness, will probably be her unusual name. Their Majesties, the King and Queen, had decided to name their new little daughter Gazelle but an unfortunate mix-up on her birth certificate mistakenly assigned her the name where her baby photos where taken. Because of the tremendous amount of royal red tape involved in changing kingdom documents, Their Majesties decided go with it as it was.



Ha, ha. Hee, hee. Giggle, Hah. Ho, Ha. Tee Hee, Snicker, Chuckle, Ha, ha. We're not sure what makes Happy Dwarf so happy. Perhaps it's the fact that he no longer has to work in those small dark tunnels mining jewels. Or perhaps it's because his new job of mining data at Google is for a company with such a funny name. Or maybe it's just because his fuzzy white beard tickles him. Happy is 28 inches tall and has an arm rod that can be attached to either hand.




Little Condoleezza Rye says that we can call her by her nickname ‘Connie’ if we would like. The truth of the matter is that ‘Connie’ is short for ‘Constance’ not ‘Condoleezza’ but we have promised not to tell anyone else. Connie wants to grow up and be a Doctor and a Stateswoman just like her idol, the real-life Condoleezza. She is already getting  A’s in her school work on History, Science and Math and she’s taking her first foreign language next year.  You know, she might just do it!



MOSES son of AMRAM (P19489)

A liberator, leader, lawgiver, prophet, and historian. Moses is considered one of the greatest figures of the Bible.

The birth of Moses occurred at a time when the current Egyptian Pharaoh had commanded that all male children born to Hebrew slaves should be killed by drowning in the Nile.

His mother, Jochebed, kept him concealed for three months. When she could keep him hidden no longer, rather than deliver him to be killed, she set him adrift on the Nile river in a small craft of bulrushes coated in pitch. The daughter of the Pharaoh discovered the baby and adopted him as her son, and named him Moses.

Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and into the desert, and received the Torah from God on Mount Sinai.


Ricky (sans pants, shoes and dignity)


Ricky is a Full-Body Hand Puppet standing 28 inches tall. He is wearing jeans and a T-shirt with an eagle on it. The thing that makes him special is that when he takes his pants off, his legs and tennis shoes go with them. Seriously. A strip of hook & loop fabric holds Ricky's lower section in place. Remove it and Ricky becomes a Half-Body Hand Puppet which many puppeteers prefer for behind the stage operation. He also comes with an arm rod which can be changed to either hand for expressive movement. Ricky and his friends are pictured below with legs attached. Click on any image for a larger view.

Ricky (GS5611)

Linda (GS5621)

Dwayne (GS5536)

Susan (GS5641)

Michelle (GS5556)

Danny (GS5711)

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