ALPACA (2885)

Along with camels and llamas, alpacas are classified as camelids and they have been domesticated for thousands of years. Alpacas and llamas can successfully cross-breed. The resulting offspring are called huarizo, which are valued for their unique fleece and gentle dispositions. Our Alpaca Hand Puppet is 15 inches tall. Click on the piccture for a larger, more detailed image.


BEAR (2986)

Perform your own version of a Winter's Tale with the Bear (stage) puppet. Black and brown fur with movable mouth and arms for dramatic appeal, Shakespeare would surely approve! Our Bard Hand Puppet... er... Bear Hand Puppet is 15 inches tall and 8 inches wide. Click on his picture for a larger view.



Ernie (short for Erstwhile) has always been a history buff. In fact his name "Erstwhile" means 'belonging to some prior time.' And what a history he has to be proud of. Crocodiles are the largest reptiles on earth. The African or Nile crocodile is one of the biggest growing up to 18 feet long. This is huge, but compare it with one from the Cretaceous period that grew to a gigantic fifty feet long. Such behemoths went the way of the dinosaurs but their smaller brethren live on. Our Crocodile Hand Puppet is only 13 inches tall. Good thing too.



"Danger Donkey" was his alias during his espionage years in the Secret Service (he claims). When we tried to get more information about this he said it was still "classified." He is currently employed by a Birthday Party company as a 'pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey' donkey but business, he says, is not good. Our Donkey Hand Puppet is 18 inches tall. Click on the image for a larger view.



This ELEPHANT Hand Puppet is one handfull of fun. Made with unique fabrics it has movable lets and a trunk that animates when you pull the ring hidden inside.



Flash here earned his name in the video game business. Yes, he was the frog who dashed across the 8-lane highway avoiding heavy speeding vehicles. He was fired after only two days when he turned white with fear over being squished... and the game company wanted a green frog, not a white one. Unfortunately all of the replacement frogs that the game company tried to hire also turned white, some just upon having the task explained to them. Ultimately, the game company asked Flash to return to the job but he declined explaining that he was "too yellow" to try that again. Flash is 14 inches tall and has a movable mouth and legs. Click on the picture to see a larger more detailed image.


GIRAFFE (2561)

Giraffes are one of the world's tallest mammals. They are well known for their long necks, long legs, and spotted patterns. Giraffes have small "horns" or knobs on top of their heads that grow to be about five inches long. These knobs are used to protect the head in fights. Male giraffes are larger than females. Males weigh between 2,400 and 3,000 pounds and stand up to 19 feet tall! Female giraffes weigh between 1,600 and 2,600 pounds and grow to be 16 feet tall. Good thing that our Giraffe Hand Puppet is only 14 inches tall.



The "King of Beasts" is well represented by this up and coming new actor from the Broadway play: The Lion King (c). In fact, Leonard is so good at acting that you won't believe that he is just a 13 inch tall Hand Puppet. If he choses to do so, he may convince you he's a 15 foot alligator... or maybe a 5 inch parakeet! He's THAT good.


OSTRICH (2872)

The flightless ostrich is the world's largest bird. They roam African savanna and desert lands and get most of their water from the plants they eat. Though they cannot fly, ostriches are fleet, strong runners. They can sprint up to 43 miles an hour and run over distance at 31 miles an hour. Our Hand Puppet Ostrich is 17 inches tall and a tad slower. Click on the image to see a larger, more detailed picture.


RABBIT (2800)

Yes, 'Rabbit.' But not just any rabbit. His name, of course, is Jack (92% of all rabbits are named 'Jack', 5% are named 'Peter', 1% are named 'Brer' and the remaining 2% are named everything else or not at all.). If you believe that, then you will be delighted to know that this particular rabbit once pulled a magician out of his hat (magician and hat not included, sorry). One thing you should believe is that this Hand Puppet Rabbit is 20 inches tall and he does have a movable mouth!



Sightings of sea serpents have been reported for hundreds of years, and continue to be claimed today. Despite these numerous sightings, no credible physical evidence has been recorded and it is currently believed that the sightings can be best explained as misidentification of known animals such as oarfish and whales. Of course this means that your sighting of our 16 inch tall Sea Serpent Hand Puppet here is just a figment of your imagination. Click on the image to confirm that a larger picture with more detail doesn't exist.



This Hand Puppet is 15 inches tall and has movable arms and (gulp) mouth.



The Zebra is a part of the horse family (Equidae), native to central and southern Africa. They are most well known for their distinctive black and white stripes. Our Zebra Hand Puppet is 13 inches tall.


BERT (075857)

Bert is analytical, responsible, and the complete and utter opposite of his eccentric roommate and forever best friend, Ernie. When he’s not playing checkers with his pigeon Bernice, Bert, a true model of dignity and decorum, spends his days collecting bottle caps and paper clips. Our Hand Puppet Bert is 13 inches tall.

Click on Bert's picture for a larger view.



ERNIE (075856)

Ernie is a free spirited trickster with an imagination to match. He delights in teasing his best friend Bert, but no matter what sort of shenanigans Ernie subjects him to, it's obvious that he values Bert's friendship immensely, and wouldn't know what to do without his dearest old buddy and best pal. Our Hand Puppet Ernie is 10 inches tall.

Click on Ernie's picture for a larger view.



ELMO (075854)

Elmo is everybody's favorite furry red monster. But more important than anything else, this cute, cuddly, and courageously curious three and a half year-old always finds a way to make the most of whatever situation he's in. An eternal child and perennial optimist, Elmo is the very essence of Sesame Street innocence and enthusiasm. Our Hand Puppet Elmo is 11 inches tall.

Click on Elmo's picture for a larger view.


ZOE (075859)

Zoe is a three-year-old orange female monster often seen wearing a tutu, because she is obsessed with ballet.  Her best friend is Elmo and she often rides a soapbox-style car around Sesame Street, called the Zoemobile.  She has a pet rock named Rocco, much to Elmo's constant dismay, and she also has a doll named Mini. Our Zoe Hand Puppet is 11 inches tall.

Click on Zoe's picture for a larger view.



BIG BIRD (075852)

Big Bird is the "everychild" of Sesame Street. Fine feathered friend to all, he may get overly excited about new discoveries and extremely disappointed when things don’t work out, but this bird is always willing to try again, correct his mistakes, and find a solution to his problems. Big Bird is a viewer’s six-year-old guide to Sesame Street. Our Big Bird Hand Puppet is 12 inches tall.

Click on Big Bird's picture for a larger view.



GROVER (075855)

Grover always tries to be helpful but, due to his limited cognitive abilities, he often makes a big mess of things. This never seems to trouble Grover, as he always manages to see a positive outcome to every situation. Grover never uses contractions in his speech and he often refers to himself as, "your cute and furry pal, Grover!" Our Hand Puppet Grover is 11 inches tall.

Click on Grover's picture for a larger view.




Emotionally, physically, and spiritually attached to cookies, at first glance the world’s most famous monster appears to have a one-track mind. But in actuality Cookie Monster is a deeply complicated individual. A monster of economy, he can convey worlds of meaning with a simple gesture. Our Hand Puppet Grover is 11 inches tall.

Click on Cookie Monster's picture for a larger view.




More than a monster, Oscar is an absolutely certifiable grouch. Being happy makes him angry, which in turn makes him happy, which makes him angry, then happy, then angry... well, you get the idea. Seemingly rotten to the core, like a lot of grouches - much to his disappointment - Oscar actually has a heart of gold. Our Hand Puppet Oscar is 11 inches tall (including trash can).

Click on Oscar's picture for a larger view.



ROSITA (4034191)

Rosita is a good natured, exuberant, turquoise-colored monster. She speaks both English and Spanish, making her the only bi-lingual Muppet on Sesame Street. Rosita’s full name is Rosita, La Monstrua de las Cuevas (The Monster of the Caves). Rosita is an extremely loving character who often hugs her friends. Our Rosita Hand Puppet is 10 inches tall.

Haga clic en la foto de Rosita para ampliarla.



This is old Mother Hubbard. She’s run up a tab as thick as a deck of cards in almost every shop in town. Her cupboard may be bare, but she's sure her ship is about to come in. You may have already met her precious little dog, Toby. If you ask her, that dog’s so sweet he poops taffy, but I don’t think the neighbors concur. Certainly not the Constable, but she’s known him since he was a little troublemaker himself, so she can usually smooth over any misunderstandings. Rumor has it Hubbard’s fallen in with some shady cats downtown, but I wouldn’t believe everything you hear. She is 14 inches tall and has movable arms. She is available here by herself or in a PUPPET SET with five of her companions.

Click on picture for a larger, more detailed view.


DOCTOR (10103)

The Doctor is one of those people who always seem like they’re about to sneeze. Never seen him do it though. He doesn’t get out much -- except, of course, when the Czar is in town with his giggling gaggle of available daughters. When he’s not trying to improve his social status, you’ll find the Doctor locked up in his study. I have no idea what he’s up to in there and I don’t want to know. I suppose he spends most of his time distilling that Miracle Elixir he’s always hawking to anyone with so much as a hangnail. I tried it once. Good stuff. The Doctor is 18 inches tall and has movable arms. He is available here by himself or in a PUPPET SET with five of his companions.

Click on picture for a larger, more detailed view.



The Constable keeps the peace in town and he takes his duty very seriously. In such a small town, he’s the Judge, Jury and Executioner. He’s got his eye on everyone--the Cabby, the Doctor, that pain-in-the-butt dog with the smirk. No one is above suspicion. Especially when it’s his job to protect sweet, innocent, adorable little ladies like Mother Hubbard. Not that the Constable would allow his heart to interfere with his work. He might allow his stomach to, though. One thing I’ve learned about “justice” in this town is that there’s no wrong that can’t be made right with a plump sausage or a freshly baked pie. The Constable is 16 inches tall and has movable arms. He is available here by himself or in a PUPPET SET with five of his companions.

Click on picture for a larger, more detailed view.



The Cabby’s not from around here, but he knows this town like the back of his tentacle. He’ll take you wherever you need to go -- even to the moon if you've got the fare -- just don’t expect lively conversation on the way. He’s a hard worker who’ll try anything to make an honest buck -- from selling fish to installing satellite TV. I guess no job is too small when you’re trying to make your way in a foreign town where everybody talks nonsense, and when you don’t understand, they make even less sense, only louder. As if the problem is his hearing. I mean, I don’t think he even has ears. The Cabby is 16 inches tall and has movable arms. He is available here by himself or in a PUPPET SET with five of his companions.

Click on picture for a larger, more detailed view.


TOBY DOG (10102)

Hear that racket? No, that’s not a police raid on the music shop (although it’s just a matter time.) That’s Mother Hubbard’s dog, Toby. He’s probably got his nose into trouble again. He’s not a bad dog, per se. I mean, he’s never attacked anyone as far as I know--except for the Doctor, but I might be inclined to attack him myself on an off day. You see, Toby’s a bit of a jokester. He is the little dog who laughed, after all, so he’s really going to rub you the wrong way if you have no sense of humor. And apparently nobody in town has a sense of humor. Toby is 8 inches tall and has a movable mouth which is usually full of a bone (included). He is available here by himself or in a PUPPET SET with five of his companions.

Click on picture for a larger, more detailed view.


LUCY CAT (10106)

Uh oh. See that cat? The one with the bum eye, playing the fiddle for pennies by the bus stop? That’s Lucy. Better check your wallet and hide your pet fish, ‘cuz she’s bad news. Don’t let that sad tune fool you -- she’s been giving the slip to the Constable since she was lapping sour milk from an old tambourine with the rest of her unfortunate litter. She’s in with that shifty band of alley cats who caterwaul behind the music shop at all hours of the night. On Thursdays they hold closed door “Knitting Club” meetings. That’s what the sign says anyway. Lucy is 11 inches tall and has movable arms. He is available here by himself or in a PUPPET SET with five of his companions.

Click on picture for a larger, more detailed view.


These Half-body Hand Puppets are 16 to 18 inches tall and suitable for amateur or professional puppeteers. They are made of durable fabrics that are surface washable. Your hand goes up from the waist of the puppet and into the head to work the mouth and make the puppet talk. The arms are not functional. Because of it's size and comical expression, this style of puppet is ideally suited for use before larger groups of people. It can be held in the arms of a wandering Puppeteer as with a ventriloquist dummy, or it can perform within a stage such as our #1004 Deluxe Classroom Hand Puppet Stage.

#386 Other Rich Man
A stand-in in case your play needs a second rich man.


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Perfect for Puppet Ministries and Storytelling

#391 Jesus
Does have feet so can walk on water if necessary.

#387 Mary
Mother of Jesus and wife of Joseph, can also play part of Esther, Sarah, Rachel, Miriam or Mary Magdalene depending upon the script.

#384 Joseph
The husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a carpenter in Nazareth. To escape Herod, he fled with his family to safety in Egypt. Can also play a poor begger.

#382 David
Slew the giant Goliath and later became King of Israel. Can also play boy.

#390 Goliath
He was the champion of the Philistines and not a nice guy. Can play many male roles.

#388 Noah
He built a boat sort of intended for a couples cruise. He is also good at playing Moses.

#385 Rich Man
Can be used for many Christian parables. Works well with Poor Man.

#383 Poor Man
Can be used as beggar or just regular citizen.

#398 Angel
Pretty much type-cast as an Angel, she is both cute and expressive.