BERT (075857)

Bert is analytical, responsible, and the complete and utter opposite of his eccentric roommate and forever best friend, Ernie. When he’s not playing checkers with his pigeon Bernice, Bert, a true model of dignity and decorum, spends his days collecting bottle caps and paper clips. Our Hand Puppet Bert is 13 inches tall.

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ERNIE (075856)

Ernie is a free spirited trickster with an imagination to match. He delights in teasing his best friend Bert, but no matter what sort of shenanigans Ernie subjects him to, it's obvious that he values Bert's friendship immensely, and wouldn't know what to do without his dearest old buddy and best pal. Our Hand Puppet Ernie is 10 inches tall.

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ELMO (075854)

Elmo is everybody's favorite furry red monster. But more important than anything else, this cute, cuddly, and courageously curious three and a half year-old always finds a way to make the most of whatever situation he's in. An eternal child and perennial optimist, Elmo is the very essence of Sesame Street innocence and enthusiasm. Our Hand Puppet Elmo is 11 inches tall.

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BIG BIRD (075852)

Big Bird is the "everychild" of Sesame Street. Fine feathered friend to all, he may get overly excited about new discoveries and extremely disappointed when things don’t work out, but this bird is always willing to try again, correct his mistakes, and find a solution to his problems. Big Bird is a viewer’s six-year-old guide to Sesame Street. Our Big Bird Hand Puppet is 12 inches tall.

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GROVER (075855)

Grover always tries to be helpful but, due to his limited cognitive abilities, he often makes a big mess of things. This never seems to trouble Grover, as he always manages to see a positive outcome to every situation. Grover never uses contractions in his speech and he often refers to himself as, "your cute and furry pal, Grover!" Our Hand Puppet Grover is 11 inches tall.

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Emotionally, physically, and spiritually attached to cookies, at first glance the world’s most famous monster appears to have a one-track mind. But in actuality Cookie Monster is a deeply complicated individual. A monster of economy, he can convey worlds of meaning with a simple gesture. Our Hand Puppet Grover is 11 inches tall.

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More than a monster, Oscar is an absolutely certifiable grouch. Being happy makes him angry, which in turn makes him happy, which makes him angry, then happy, then angry... well, you get the idea. Seemingly rotten to the core, like a lot of grouches - much to his disappointment - Oscar actually has a heart of gold. Our Hand Puppet Oscar is 11 inches tall (including trash can).

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ROSITA (4034191)

Rosita is a good natured, exuberant, turquoise-colored monster. She speaks both English and Spanish, making her the only bi-lingual Muppet on Sesame Street. Rosita’s full name is Rosita, La Monstrua de las Cuevas (The Monster of the Caves). Rosita is an extremely loving character who often hugs her friends. Our Rosita Hand Puppet is 10 inches tall.

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